The Boeing Company Funds SLN Expansion Into Los Angeles

January 4, 2011

School Leaders Network is pleased to announce a gift of $50,000 from The Boeing Company. This gift played a leading role in SLN's expansion to the Los Angeles area. We are proud to have the first two networks operating in the region beginning this month and look forward to widening SLN's impact in L.A. going forward.

Tamika Lang, Global Corporate Citizenship Community Investor at The Boeing Company, said about the gift, “The Boeing Company understands that strong systemic leadership is critical to the success of any organization, including public education. We are proud to support School Leaders Network and the leadership development they provide to educators at all levels in Los Angeles.”

About The Boeing Company
The Boeing Company is the world's leading aerospace company and the largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft combined. In 2009, Boeing contributed over $142,886,000 to community initiatives demonstrating sustainability, measurable growth, and self-sufficiency, characteristics for growth that will continue long after the last Boeing dollar is spent. Read more about The Boeing Company's Global Corporate Citizenship program.