Harold K.L. Castle Foundation Awards SLN Gift to Expand in Hawaii

February 14, 2011

School Leaders Network is pleased to announce a gift of $45,000 from the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation to fund the expansion of SLN's presence in Hawaii. This gift, in collaboration with funding from the Kamehameha Schools, enabled SLN to open one more network this year in Oahu, providing more principals there with development and support critical for success.

SLN’s first network in Hawaii, led by Carm Minami, funded by Kamehameha Schools and the Hawaii Department of Education, opened in January 2009. Mike Harano, the 2010 State National Distinguished Principal for Hawaii, and member of Ms. Minami’s network since its founding, has moved into the leadership role for the new Oahu network.

About the gift, Terrence George, Executive Director of the Castle Foundation said, "The Harold K.L. Castle Foundation has long recognized the importance of school leadership in the transformation of public education. Several of our emerging principal leaders together with our Department of Education identified School Leaders Network as a model for building the capacity of school level leadership in Hawaii. We are pleased to support our principals by investing in the work of SLN.”

About the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation
Founded in 1962, the Castle Foundation works to build resources for Hawaii's future by investing in promising initiatives and organizations through grantmaking, using convening power, and introducing and spreading new ideas and approaches to help solve some of Hawaii's most pressing problems. Of special interest to the Castle Foundation is closing the achievement gap in public education so that all of Hawaii's children, regardless of their socioeconomic background, have access to and benefit from high-quality education, from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, that prepares them for a successful future. More about the Castle Foundation.

About Kamehameha Schools
Kamehameha Schools was founded by Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop, the great-granddaughter and last royal descendant of Kamehameha the Great. Read more about Kamehameha Schools.