School Leadership Matters - Nov 10th Event

October 29, 2010

Please join us in-person or via national webcast Nov. 10 for a panel discussion on School Leadership Matters: Changing Principal Preparation to Drive Student Achievement and Teacher Effectiveness at Scale and for our national release of the Rainwater Leadership Alliance’s A New Approach to Principal Preparation: Innovative Programs Share Their Practices and Lessons Learned. Event details.

**Sign up at www.anewapproach.org to receive your free copy of A New Approach. This important new book can help program operators and architects within nonprofits, higher education, school districts, charter management organizations and states design programs that produce the principals the nation needs to improve student achievement and teacher quality. The book can also assist policymakers at the federal, state and district level as they think about the conditions needed to help yield effective principals. Please share this event invitation and book release with your networks and colleagues.


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