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Friday, November 14, 2014
by Mariah Cone

Durham Public Schools in North Carolina is using mentoring as a key strategy to lower their 11% principal turnover.  This rate is 21% higher than the national average.  In a report by the Herald Sun:

“Durham school officials said in September that in addition to reducing principal turnover, the district hopes the mentoring program will help train new and struggling principals and provide extra support to increase principal effectiveness.

The two-year program, which has gotten underway, will serve principals who are new to the job, new to the district or need extra help to ensure they are successful.

DPS is spending about $237,000 on its principal mentoring program.

School board Chairwoman Heidi Carter believes retaining good principal is a key strategy in the district’s effort to improve student achievement and other outcomes in the school district.

Carter said principals are asked to be both instructional leaders and to run a small business, two jobs that require vastly different skill sets, so they deserve as much support as the district can provide.”

Wednesday, November 12, 2014
by Mariah Cone

We love the pop quiz from Education Post

Pop quiz: Which of these statements are true about school principals?

  1. “School leaders’ effects on students contributes to 25 percent of the total school influences on a child’s academic performance.”
  2. “Fifty percent of new principals quit during their third year in the role.”
  3. “It takes school leaders an average of five years to put a mobilizing vision in place, improve the teaching staff, and fully implement policies and practices that positively impact the school’s performance.”
  4. “Conservative estimates of the cost to develop, hire and onboard each principal come to about $75,000.”
  5. All of the above.

Answer: E

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