October 17, 2013
by Mariah Cone

I recently came across an intriguing post, submitted to Linked In by Jim Whitehurst, CEO of Red Hat, titled Forget a Mentor, Build a Team.  Whitehurst notes that while mentors can considerably enhance one’s profession, they are frequently impractical and difficult to find, given that it really matters that your mentor know and care about you.  I completely agree. 

October 10, 2013
by Mariah Cone

I was fortunate to attend the Alliance to Reform Education Leadership’s (AREL) annual convening this past Tuesday and Wednesday in Dallas, Texas.  The purpose of the event was to bring smart, determined education reformers together to collaborate on exemplary principal leadership development programs.  I left more convinced than ever that improving the school principal is essential if we want to make education better for all ch

September 30, 2013
by Elizabeth Neale

Welcome to SLN's Blog! Here you will find, based on our experience and expertise, our thoughts on what issues principals are facing, what tools they might need to develop their leadership skills and what's working and not working, nationally and regionally. You will also hear more about our work, our partners, our results, and some of our challenges. We hope that this blog adds to your knowledge and understanding of our nation's school leaders and the impact principals have on our kids and on our future as a nation.

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