Support The Leaders

Principal’s Role Crucial to Student Success

Every major study on School Reform points to the principal as a critical lever in making schools places where all students achieve at high levels.

As a “central variable,” or the “central ingredient” in the equation of school success, research suggests that school leadership is second only to teaching among school-related factors in terms of impact on student learning.

School Leaders Require Training and Development

Unfortunately, insufficient attention is being paid to the professional development of principals after they have completed training and induction programs.  A Wallace Foundation study, conducted in 2003, found that “typical leadership programs in graduate schools of education are out of touch with the realities of what it takes to run today’s school districts.”

Reports conclude that principals need practical training aimed at helping them do their jobs more effectively from the start, additional professional development to keep them fresh and adaptable, and continuous support in order to incorporate new thinking about what constitutes effective leadership.

Numerous research projects and questionnaires have sought input from current and past school principals on how to retain, sustain, and develop quality principals. Findings show found that principals yearn to engage with each other about the crucial work they do because they believe this will enable them to be more effective leaders in their schools.

SLN Fills the Gap

SLN’s unique vision, mission and approach make it the only national organization for school principals with a program based on communities of practice, collaborative coaching and a model of inquiry that continuously develops and refines principals’ leadership skills to drive student achievement.

Leading the Way to Better Schools

Working with over 500 principals and partnering with districts and principal centers, the School Leaders Network is proven to have significant impact on the learning of school leaders and positively impacts of 500,000 students on a national scale. Data gathered from SLN principals demonstrates that SLN is making a difference: