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Keeping our best school leaders through ongoing quality learning and strategic support. Churn: The High Cost of Principal Turnover" - join the discussion in DC on 11/6/14. SLN serving 60 Southern Cal Charter Schools starting Fall 2014 California Charter Schools Association. Thanking our donors and how you can help.   read more »

From My Perspective - Dr. Elizabeth Neale discusses "National Awareness Growing about School Leadership!"' School Leaders Network 2010 - 11 Results, Summer News and Events From Our Networks   read more »

From My Perspective - Dr. Neale discusses "What We Need to Achieve Strong Student Success in Schools", Wallace Foundation New Leadership Report, MetLife Foundation's Survey of the American Teacher, and SLN Schools in LAUSD & NYC out-perform peers   read more »

What you don't hear about is that the majority of the principals in this country are either good or great principals. These school leaders remain passionate, committed and driven to create the right conditions for students to achieve in every way they can. Every day, great school leaders are . . .   read more »

School leadership across the nation is a hot topic! Research has clearly proven that principals are second only to teachers in the impact they can have on a student's academic success. School leaders set the culture and climate of the school, create the belief that all students . . .   read more »

Mariah Cone, doctoral candidate at the University of California, Los Angeles, has completed her dissertation, "Developing Principal Instructional Leadership through Collaborative Networking" which examines what occurs when principals of urban schools meet together to learn and improve their instructional leadership in collaborative principal networks designed to support, sustain, and provide ongoing principal capacity building. She studied one SLN network of fifteen principals and their facilitator in San Antonio, Texas.   read more »

Analysis of the NYC Progress Report for the school year 08-09, issued in December 2009, shows that SLN-led schools made bigger gains in student achievement and school environment than peer schools led by principals not participating in SLN programming.   read more »

The Obama administration’s education policy for improving under-resourced schools includes a targeted focus on school leadership. Central to the supporting education reform agenda, led by Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education, is expanding the number of charter schools nationwide.   read more »

On June 4th, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Joel Klein, chancellor of the New York City schools announced that more than eight in ten students are meeting or exceeding State math standards.   read more »

Synopsis of the vision of Dr. Richard Elmore's medical rounds model which will be featured in his new book by the Harvard Press, Instructional Rounds in Education: A Network Approach to Improving Teaching and Learning.   read more »