How Our Principals Lead the Way

When principals work with SLN, they become change agents; in their own words:

 “As a result of SLN, I learned the importance of building the school culture and capacity by developing effective relationships with staff from the beginning. My goals is to ensure that teachers overcome fear of data and other areas of concern by having one-on-one conferences, encouraging PD, empowering staff, and reiterating the importance of shared decision making. This approach will also be used to increase support from parents and community representatives.”  
SLN Principal, DC Metro Area  
“I learned effective strategies to gain the trust, support, and greater participation of faculty members. I also realized the value of the ideas, suggestions, and support of other SLN members. The activities, lessons, and videos were helpful as well.  
SLN Principal, Los Angeles
“I received feedback from peers in SLN through the "Peeling the Onion" protocol to help look at some dysfunctional aspects of my campus and to gather ideas on addressing the concerns.
SLN Principal, Massachusetts
“I learned systematic ways to enhance collaboration and support teacher teams.”  
SLN Principal, New York City
"Feedback, modeling and support through SLN is guiding me toward making some significant changes on my campus to support the development of a professional learning community with the primary focus on all students' achieving. The SLN support system helped me to stand strong in my beliefs that this is the reason we exist as a campus and in my calling as an educator in the face of a toxic environment. We are on the correct path."  
SLN Principal, San Antonio, Texas