School Leaders Network, originated with a group of National Distinguished Principals from the Northeast United States who met in 2000 as guests of the U.S. Department of Education and the Rainwater Charitable Foundation to discuss and solve critical national school leadership concerns. 

For five years, these principals collaborated as a group chaired by Dr. Elizabeth Neale at the Educational Laboratory at Brown University. This group focused on three topics relevant to school leaders: i) role of the principal as instructional leader, ii) communicating the principals complex role to the community, iii) mentoring. One of the group’s projects included crating a network of K-12 principals from under-resourced communities in Massachusetts. These principals, with the assistance of a trained facilitator, meet monthly and coached each other on overcoming challenges they were facing as they worked toward increasing student achievement at their schools and

The model was found to be highly successful and easilty replicable. In 2006, Dr Neale formally established School Leaders Network to provide a structure to address the needs of school leaders and to accelerate tehir learning and abilities to increase student achievement. With generatours start up funding, SLN began program development to create school leadership networks across the country and has subsequently expanded its' reaching and impact nationwide.