Plans for Growth

School Leader Network Metric Goals

The School Leaders Network knows systemic change takes time.  As such, our metric goals measure progress towards our ultimate outcome:  sustained student and school success.  We are committed as a learning organization to focus our energies on understanding the successes and challenges as we assess principals’ learning throughout their experience with School Leaders Network.  

  1. Increase Research Base for Effective In-Service Principal Development:  We will publish year-by-year research to enrich and extend the national consortium on in-service principal development.
  2. Increase Principal Retention:  Every year 80% of participating SLN Principals will remain in their current leadership position or be promoted into higher positions of leadership.
  3. Increasing Principal Efficacy:  90% of SLN Principals will show year-to-year acceleration in school practices for four or more Design for Leading domain areas as defined by the SLN Design for Leading Rubric and assessed by the SLN School Practices Growth Survey, and verified by the 360 Comprehensive Assessment of Leadership for Learning Survey (CALL).
  4. Turnaround Student Achievement Progress:  80% or more of SLN Principals’ schools will achieve an increasing percentage of students moving up in state achievement proficiency levels.  80% or more of SLN schools will outperform non-SLN peer schools in ELA and/or Math.  80% or more of SLN Principal's high schools will also see significant increases in graduation rates and college ready assessment scores.
  5. Change the National Conversation about Principal Professional Development:  By 2015, SLN will be increasingly included in public policy and critical leadership development discussions held regionally, statewide, and nationally.   

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