Student Outcomes

The Student Outcome Strategy

The Student Outcome Strategy, developed by SLN Principals, serves as a key lever to support school wide college and career readiness and common core implementation efforts.

SLN Principals develop a strong Student Outcome Strategy (SOS) capable of inspiring school wide support and action for student development of college and career readiness skills.  This is the coherent focus that will thread through every session of SLN for the year.

The SOS process helps principals accomplish two things simultaneously:  Lead a strategic improvement effort with the help of peers, and learn the ultimate importance of leading schools in a focused manner as a means of accomplishing significant improvement.

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Results for Schools

School system partners see SLN Schools become measurably better.  As SLN Principals learn the SLN Design for Leading and spend time and energy every month collaboratively sharing and analyzing leadership actions in light of the key responsibilities, SLN Principals become more effective leaders.  They have richer conversations and stronger outcomes when they observe classrooms for improvement.  They focus their energies as well as the energies of teachers, other leaders, and students to make accelerated improvement.  As SLN Principals learn and apply best practices, SLN Schools become centers of learning and achievement.

Results for All Students

School system partners see that SLN Students perform better.  School Leaders Network doggedly pursues one outcome – that all our work with principals results in achievement gains for students.  Years of rigorous internal evaluation make us confident that the SLN Principal becomes better equipped to lead, creating critical changes to teaching and learning so that students achieve at higher levels.