Blue-Ribbon Schools and Public Responds to Churn

“Churn: The High Cost of Principal Turnover” was the central topic for discussion at a convening of principals from National Blue Ribbon Schools   headed by Jill Levine at the U.S. Department of Education. According to principals there, the central office serves as a major barrier to effective principal work, a problem that must be mediated. #nbrs2019.

In public response to our social media campaign, our followers comment:

“I love all the information you share. I have had 6 different principals over my career and 3 were in the first 5 years. I do see a connection with what you are saying and important impacts that made with longevity of principals.” (Teacher, Washington State)

“It’s time to recognize the complexity and intensity of the jobs of both teachers and school administrators and provide the support and resources necessary for them to excel and thrive in what they do (rather than slowly unravel from the stress) and thus be willing to stay as a result.” (Former principal, LAUSD)

“[Churn] Brings up valid points including the necessity of strong leadership that is over an extended period of time in order for a school to be effective.” (Teacher, LAUSD)

“School communities and district administrators need to listen carefully to Mariah Cone and the results of her study.” (Teacher Leader in Principal Credential Program, California).

“Need to think about ongoing systemic support for principals. Coaching & mentorship should be continuous thru a principals career.” (Associate Director, NASSP)

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