Charter Principal Churn

Principal Churn at Charters is particularly damning. In one report 71% of Charter leader respondents did not intend to lead their campus beyond the next five years. In a discussion posted by EdWize,

  1. “Many charter schools are still led by their original founders, and when they leave, the transition can be tricky.
  2. Charter schools are often starting from scratch when it comes to finding a leader’s replacement.
  3. Many charter schools are in denial when it comes to leadership turnover — half have no transition plan.”

And according to Larry Cuban:

“These founders and their successors have complicated tasks in mobilizing political and economic support for the mission of the charter school, establishing a separate facility or one within a regular public school, dealing with the governing board, negotiating constantly with district officials who provide funding, and a score of other leadership tasks including managing efficiently a new school and supervising teachers. In short, charter school principals are closer to being superintendents in overall responsibilities, albeit only for one school, than a traditional principal in regular schools.”

In a report by the New York Charter School Center revealed in 2012 that one in five charter leaders leave their school each year. Not coincidentally – teacher turnover is also twice the average of the district, with one-third leaving turning over each year.

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